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Plans to Re-Open Hardys Bay Club - Member Update issued 9th July 2020.....more

Hardys Bay Club is no longer affiliated with the RSL and is now operating as Hardys Bay Community Club with no poker machines.   It is a public company limited by guarantee and the Club is owned by the members.


The recent COVID-19 situation has had a devastating impact on the club, so it is now up to the community to come to the rescue.


Money raised will be going towards restocking of the bar, working capital to pay creditors and urgent repairs and maintenance to present a refreshed club for the community.


The restaurant will be under new management with a revamped pub style menu.


Due to forced closure of the club for over 3 months, the following issues need attention:


  • Remediation of the bar equipment.


  • The Hardys Bay cockatoos are alive and well but unfortunately have feasted on much of the deck furniture which now needs to be replaced.


  • The air conditioning is in dire need of resuscitation.


There is a lot to do, but with your help, we can get there!   We acknowledge the assistance of the landlord in agreeing to a rent reduction.


Please help keep this venue alive for the locals and the Central Coast music community.

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14 Heath Rd, Hardys Bay, 2257, NSW | 02 4360 1072

Hours:   Closed as of 23 March 2020 due to Covid-19