Member Update issued 9th July 2020

It is now over 3 months since the Club was forced to temporarily close due to the Covid-19 pandemic and with no income but fixed costs continuing, the future of the Club has been in the balance.  However, we can now report that there is a plan to re-open shortly, starting with the bar and later a new restaurant.


There is still uncertainty and many challenges ahead but there has been overwhelming messages of support and encouragement for the Club to re-open from the local community.  We are also still receiving regular enquiries for functions and events and, hopefully, we can start booking confirmation dates for these enquiries. 


There is a small group of Club Volunteers that have been commissioned to co-ordinate the re-opening who report as follows:-


Recent Activities

The focus of attention over the past 2 months has been:-


  • To negotiate a new rental arrangement with the landlord, which is now completed and commenced 1 July 2020.  In consideration of certain rent concessions we had to agree to make changes to how the Club is to operate and undertake some maintenance of the property.

  • To find a new restaurant operator in a very difficult climate for the hospitality industry.  After spreading the word we were approached by a Member, whose family has been in the restaurant trade and they have agreed to take-over the restaurant. Unfortunately, the kitchen needs a complete overhaul with new equipment throughout, so the restaurant is unlikely to open until early August.  We realize how vital the restaurant is to the Club and are pleased to announce that the food style will be “Modern/Classic Pub Food”, which we expect to be welcomed by many Club patrons.

  • When the Club was put into hibernation we closed down and turned-off any unnecessary equipment, including the cool rooms, bar delivery systems, etc.  Unfortunately, on re-commissioning these units we have found that many have failed due to age, so it has been necessary to incur additional capital costs to repair or replace these items.

  • We have also had offers from “Tradie” Members and other locals to undertake cosmetic work on the Club property, including painting, electrical work, plumbing work, re-tiling, gardening, de-cluttering, deep cleaning, etc. This work is now underway but we can’t achieve everything that we would like but we hope to show a refreshed venue. 

  • We have also been working on backroom administration and staffing plans.



We indicated in our last update to Members that the Club was looking at raising up to $100,000 to enable it to have a chance of long term survival.  We have been fortunate that the Club has been pledged loans of $35,000 from certain Members on very friendly terms.  In addition, we have applied for Government assistance available to small businesses affected by Covid-19 of a further $33,000.  


We also have plans for an exclusive Club Benefit Concert(s) which we know will be well supported but we need to wait until further lifting of the Covid-19 social distancing restrictions.  Watch-out for further details soon.


This funding is a great start, but we need to raise more to cover the Club’s start-up costs and the unexpected repairs to equipment following closure.  To this end we have started a GoFundMe page and encourage you to support the Club with a contribution if you can – go to:-


Alternately, if you prefer, you can make a donation by:-


  • Direct deposit to the Club’s bank Commonwealth bank account at:-

       BSB  :  062-544     |       Account Number :  10590461      OR

  • Making a cash deposit at Waggy General Store who will account to the Club for all monies received 


If you would like to help the Club in a larger or different way, we are happy to discuss other arrangements with you.


If you would prefer your contribution to go to a specific use then please contact one of the Club Volunteers, otherwise, the funds will be applied on a priority basis. 

Membership Renewal

It is also time for the renewal of Membership subscriptions but given the Club is still closed and that most Members renew their Membership at the Bar it has been decided to extend the 2019-2020 membership through to 31 July 2020.  In the meantime, the Club is going to investigate a new membership model and electronic platform that will be more user friendly and complement the Covid-19 compliance requirements when attending the venue. 



The Club is here to be part of the local community, be a place to relax and enjoy, listen to a variety of live music and be a meeting place for functions and events.  Once gone, it will be gone forever so we encourage you to help support the Club.


Finally, we sincerely thank all those well-wishers and offers of financial support, in addition to the materials and labour pledged by Members.


We look forward to seeing you at a refreshed and energized Club.    Re-opening date to be announced soon!  


Yours faithfully

For and on behalf of the Directors

Andrew Mackie



Please feel free to contact any of the Club Volunteers listed below if you require further information or wish to discuss how you can help.

Club Volunteers:   Andrew Mackie, Robert Barnes, John Flynn, John Brown, Treveen Brown, Jacky Hall 


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Hours:   Closed as of 23 March 2020 due to Covid-19