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Dear Member & Guests,

Due to COVID-19, all licensed clubs were required to close on 23 March and Hardys Bay Club also had to cancel all future functions and events.  As a result, the Club has had no income for 7 weeks, including for the peak periods of Easter, school holidays and Anzac Day.


Nobody knows when licensed clubs will be allowed to re-open and under what constraints.


The Club was already under some financial strain prior to COVID-19 and has since suffered the obvious losses due to the forced closure.




  • Siri has decided not to re-open her Thai restaurant.


  • A reduction in rent had been offered by the landlord prior to the forced closure, however, COVID-19 has provided an opportunity to renegotiate the rental arrangements.  Conversely, the landlord is keen to hear what the Club’s future plans are, so he can consider his options.


  • The Club has applied for various government assistance packages but that will not be sufficient for the Club to cover its financial requirements nor cover the costs of re-opening.


  • The views of Members and others in the community are being sought regarding  the future of the Club and to gauge the level of support for the Club to re-open.


However, it is clear that, without the support of the locals, there is no future for the Club.

Realistically, the Club needs about $100,000 in funds to re-open, so we are interested in speaking with any Member(s) that might be able to assist with this goal, small or large.


Please feel free to contact any of the Club Volunteers listed below if you require further information or wish to discuss how you can help.



Yours faithfully

For and on behalf of the Directors




Andrew Mackie



Club Volunteers - please email:

Andrew Mackie

Robert Barnes

John Flynn

 John Brown

Treveen Brown               



14 Heath Rd, Hardys Bay, 2257, NSW | 02 4360 1072

Hours:   Closed as of 23 March 2020 due to Covid-19